You're Just ONE DAY Away from Successfully Scaling Sales and Creating New Marketing Channels to Grow Your Business...
Introducing the proven process I use to help my "expert-level" clients generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in NEW revenue (sometimes in as little as 35 days)...
I'm Jared Kleinert, and I'm a TED speaker, award-winning author, and founder of a marketing and business development agency that partners with #1 NYT bestselling authors, Fortune 500 executives, major keynote speakers, Emmy award-winning journalists, seven-figure business owners, VC-backed startup founders, and others who lead their industries and positively impact thousands of new people each week through their work. 
"I'm one of the best in the world at what I do, and my work pushes people to be healthier, wealthier, and/or wiser. Therefore, it's my responsibility to help as many people as possible..."
"I'm doing 'well', but there's so much room for growth. Competitors who are 2 or 3 steps ahead of us aren't better than us, and we can catch up with the right growth strategy..."
"Other people rely on my success. My family is counting on me, and a large part of why I work so hard is to provide for the people around me - my partner, my employees, and my customers..."
If you nodded "yes" to the statements above, then I'm excited to share with you the service I've provided to dozens of clients just like you, who have walked away with better businesses than when they sat down.
Connor Young, CEO of Ample (500 Startups - Batch 16)
“[Kleinert Ventures] helped my company Ample increase from $85,000 to over $367,000 during my month-long crowdfunding campaign and achieve the #1 food campaign in Indiegogo history. We then closed a $1 million dollar round in two weeks and are now turning away investment opportunities. This type of traction doesn’t happen by chance; it must be engineered, and [Kleinert Ventures] is the master of engineering results.”
Cherie Aimee, Near-Death Survivor and Bestselling Author (Featured on Doctor Oz, ABC, and elsewhere)
“Recently I had an incredible VIP Day with Jared in New York City, and I have to say it was absolutely priceless...We went through everything, from the income I was producing, how to increase that, and how to generate more revenue so I can truly scale my business to a whole new level."
Keith Ferrazzi, #1 NYT Bestselling Author of Never Eat Alone and former Chief Marketing Officer of Deloitte
"Jared is a remarkable young man who is wiser and more insightful than his years would suggest. I count him a friend and appreciate the work we have done together deeply." 
From Unpaid Intern To "Go-To" Marketing And Business Development Strategist For Subject Matter Experts
When I was 15, I started my first business... and made every single mistake possible!

I was undercapitalized, didn't know my competition, and had no expertise whatsoever (although I could shoot a mean jump shot and led the Freshman class of my high school basketball program) 

The biggest mistake I made when I first became an entrepreneur was none of the above. 

Looking back, the ONE thing that killed my first business was being "mentored" by a former white collar convict who had NO clue about the industry I was working in, and wanted equity in a company that didn't even have a single paying customer yet...

I learned quickly that I needed to surround myself with the highest integrity people if I wanted to succeed in business! 

Not only that, but I knew that whomever I worked with in the future needed to have real-world experience and subject matter expertise in whatever they were trying to achieve. 
Before I was an entrepreneur, I was a one-time baby model. I hit "peak hair" at 3, right before my first haircut, which is the last time I had long hair.
No wonder I was smiling on the sidelines. I scored 45 points in this game, which is by far my career high. I'm 14 here, and "retired" only 2 years later.
Down, but not defeated, I carried on after my first "failure". You know as well as I do that when you're obsessed with something, you brainwash yourself with anything you can find on the topic. I started reading Forbes, Techcrunch, Business Insider, and anything I could read while goofing off in computer science class. 

Then I read about "The Most Connected Man You Don't Know In Silicon Valley" in Forbes. 

I reached out to the serial entrepreneur, family man, and kiteboarder that was profiled. Now 16 years old, I offered to work unpaid in exchange for his mentorship because I understand the value of surrounding myself with world-class practitioners and people - and he was both an astute business person and great overall guy. 

He accepted, and I haven't looked back since. I not only stayed on staff for more than a year, but worked an additional year as a salaried team member at the new VC-backed enterprise software startup my mentor had created. I was responsible first for customer success with our accounts like Citrix, Amazon, Hubspot, Mailchimp, and others, and later led our company's first attempt at an outbound sales strategy. In the years since I've left the company, they've raised additional rounds of funding and now have thousands of paying customers for their employee engagement and culture management tools. 

Meanwhile, it was another cold email that brought me to my next major career moment, and one that would lead to the creation of Kleinert Ventures. 

I was one year into writing my first book - which went on to become the "#1 Entrepreneurship Book of 2015" according to the Axiom Business Book Awards and earn accolades from Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, former Mashable Chief Revenue Officer Seth Rogin, Malala Fund co-founder Shiza Shahid, and many of the major media outlets. I wanted to learn from a New York Times bestselling author, and so I cold-emailed dozens of them in search for an expert in the field I was entering. 
Speaking at TED@IBM in October 2015 in between the publication of 2 Billion Under 20 and my most recent book 3 Billion Under 30.
Being interviewed by 8-time NYT bestselling author Neil Strauss and former pro volleyball player Gabby Reece for their show The Truth Barrel.
I found mentorship, and a five-figure consulting contract, with a former Fortune 500 Chief Marketing Officer and #1 NYT bestselling author who earned $25,000 every time he gave a keynote speech and now runs a 50-person consulting firm of his own. He gave me a shot to grow his speaking business using the same marketing and business development strategies I'd learned working in Silicon Valley, and empowered me to not only make a name for myself, but partner up with as many people like him as possible so we could go on to help millions of people at work, in their relationships, and with their help.

I could have taken a "day job" with this thought leader. But, I didn't stop there... 

Not only am I an entrepreneur by nature, but instead, I saw how powerful his thought leadership had been to the millions of people who read his books, watched his speeches online, and purchased the products of the companies he consulted. I knew then that if I could help more clients, we could amplify their subject matter expertise to broader population of people and truly change the world. 

I began working with more and more clients. I helped the founder of a billion dollar fashion brand release his first book and relaunch a legendary career. Now he speaks all around the country and saves business owners decades of time and millions of dollars by helping them to avoid the same mistakes he made after he sold his iconic company UGGs to another corporation. Then, I helped a popular change management speaker create marketing and business development systems that would help him grow his successful, but word-of-mouth driven business, so he and his wife could rely on a more sustainable business as they started thinking about slowing down and retiring one day. Not to mention, more people would soon be exposed to his incredible research, and who knows how much more productive top executives have been after hearing him speak. 

Again, and again, and again, I helped clients and their successful small businesses while I built my own personal brand on the side. It's important I not only talked the talked, but walked the walked because having integrity is a cornerstone to what we do here at Kleinert Ventures. 

Today, I'm fortunate enough to have written two books in a bestselling and award-winning series on subject matter experts in the Millennial generation, and I've spoken at two TEDx events and one TED conference, not to mention dozens of other stages for organizations like IBM, Samsung, Citi, Bacardi, Ogilvy, AdAge, and even the United Nations. I've raised money, led successful product launches under my own companies, inked articles in TIME, Forbes, Huffington Post, and other media giants, and represented the United States as a delegate to the 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Malaysia.

I don't say all this to impress you, but to impress upon you that we are not like other consultants you may have worked with in the past. 

We stand by our work, support our clients in any meaningful way possible, and continuously reinvest in our processes and methods for getting results because we know how important your work is to others. 

We're here to help you amplify what you do so it can change lives and make a positive impact.
Pedro Espinoza, Founder and CEO of SmileyGo 
"Jared helped me boost my startup' sales outlook and leverage my personal brand better. His experience, network, and charisma make it an exceptional one-day experience...I'm thankful for his advice and training, and Jared goes out of his way to follow up with you and make introductions."
Deidre Knight, NYT bestselling author and founder of The Knight Agency (seven-figure literary agency)
"Really applied my takeaway from our conversation (about attracting higher level clients versus sorting through queries) and it's been a big hit...I've been running hard since you were here and have been discussing your ideas with my team!"
Aaron Hunnel, TEDx Speaker, Author, and Officer in the Wisconsin Army National Guard
"Happy you came and hashed out some business strategy with me. Worked with a big local business today to get space to do a training for local leaders (my target audience) and...just sold my first $5K speaking gig, totaling $8K for 2 speaking gigs booked in the last 2 days."
The "VIP Day" From Kleinert Ventures
The VIP Day experience is an all-day, at-your-office experience  designed specifically for thought leaders, owners of six and seven figure companies, and entrepreneurs looking to scale.

This strategy intensive that takes everything I've learned leading the Kleinert Ventures team over the last few years as we've worked with our world-class clients, as well as building my own personal brand, and leverages it to grow your company.
Here's Exactly What You Will Experience...
Before our VIP Day, our team will be available for Introductory Calls with you to understand your current needs and challenges.

We take time to then review all materials you wish to send our way so we can prep before our all-day, in-person strategy session, and create the necessary working materials and resources we will need to make your day as effective and game-changing as possible.
Our goal is to leave you with an actionable strategy for generating new revenue in your business by the end of our VIP Day together.

Using the agenda we will craft for you before our day together based on your needs and the information you send us, we will work through five or six 90 minute intensive sessions, as well as a power lunch, so you'll leave with an immediate ability to execute.
After our VIP Day, we will provide any Client Resources we have available to share with you, as well introductions to our network.

We will also follow up to hold you accountable to doing the things you agreed to do during our VIP Day so we can better guarantee you'll get results. In short, we care that you succeed and won't leave you by yourself. We are here to support you long-term.
Samuel Mikulak, 2-Time Olympian, 7-Time NCAA Champion, and Co-Founder of Mate Bros
"Jared Kleinert was extremely helpful when it came to connecting me with the right people to get my start-up company off the ground. He and his contacts got me press features, mentions, and new advocates for my company, all of which helped advertise my Kickstarter campaign to a success."
Sophie Vlessing, President of Insights 2 Innovation, former SVP of Strategy & Innovation at Kaplan
"Frankly, I have learned so much from him in our interactions...I have interacted with many really bright and motivated people in my career...He can be one of the most impactful leaders of the next generation."
Vincent Djen, Seven-Figure Owner, Creator of The Fashion Knowledge Network
"Hey Jared! How was your flight back? Thank you so much [for coming to Shanghai]!!! I'm starting to implement the things we worked on already :)...
I showed [your] proposal to my partner Amelie also and we both are very excited about this!"
Why Kleinert Ventures Is Different?
Who Do You Want As A Partner In Your Business?
The team who's worked on successful product launches, worked on our own brands, and generated hundreds of thousands in new revenues for our clients...
The wantrepreneur looking for "passive income" and therefore created a course to teach other people how to make money through making course.
What Type Of Help
Are You Looking For?
Strategic insights, mixed with step-by-step actions you can take to grow your business based on how you can find more "Ideal Customers" and generate more revenue...
 "Let's do what GaryVee says!" or "I read about this in Inc!". Here's the worst one..."This worked for me 10 years ago, but I haven't tried it since."
How Can We Make Sure That You're Successful?
We call before our work begins. We check in on you after our work is completed. Our clients are our friends, and we offer "more than money back" guarantees...
You're on your own after working together, even if someone doesn't deliver. You're simply a paycheck to them. There's no guarantee you'll get results.
Will I Get Results
By Investing In This?
Concrete results: A roadmap for a product launch or business growth with actionable next steps. "Done For You" resources. New revenue generated for your business...
Great salesmanship, but not much else. Lots of "jump up and down", rah rah talk, but little "walk" to back it up. There's a bad taste left in your mouth.
Is The “VIP Day” Experience Right For You?
I want to take a second to highlight these facts. Unlike other consultants or coaches, we take a more scientific approach with our clients to provide them with actionable strategies that generate more revenue instead of pushing shiny new marketing opportunities upon them that aren’t proven to work for their business yet. This is why we've been able to work with clients in industries ranging from financial services to professional speaking, food and beverage, information products, and much more. 

Also, we are an entrepreneurial marketing agency, and so we are best at the early stages of our clients' attempts to experiment with new ideas for growing untapped marketing channels, or scaling the business altogether, and therefore we are resourceful as hell when it comes to identifying your Ideal Customers and creating new marketing channels that will help you reach more consumers quickly, effectively, and sustainably. 

With this in mind, read the following to really understand if this experience is right for you:
You are a new entrepreneur and don't have a business, or your business hasn't had any customers or users yet. While we have worked with serial entrepreneurs who are launching new businesses, or product lines for their existing companies, if you've never owned a business, and haven't earned a single customer in the past through any entrepreneurial ventures, it's probably too early to bring us in for help. You need to get the basics down first as a business owner, and come back when you're ready to accelerate. 

You don't offer a high quality, proven product or service. Not only will we be available to scale your "get rich quick" scheme, but ultimately, no amount of marketing or business development will help you if your work sucks. If this is you, instead of investing in a VIP Day, take your money and time and hone your craft. 

You're looking for us to generate leads and referrals for youWhile we can temporarily take this on after a client VIP Day if our firm is rehired for a multi-month consulting engagement, we expect our long-term clients to consider us for a VIP Day first in order to test our working relationship. During our all-day, in-person intensive, we are going to be working on developing marketing and business development strategy that can actually teach you how to generate revenue sustainably and predictably for yourself rather than having to rely on any outside party for your success long-term. Fair enough?

You are betting every last dollar you have on our work together. While we understand this is an investment, it shouldn't be your last resort. If this is the case, your business probably needs help at its foundation, and isn't ready for growth while it's in jeopardy. We understand if our price point is simply too high for you, and if that is the case, then we are OK with that stance. Our experience with discounting services hasn't always been great with previous clients, and so we avoid it. We hope you understand. 
You are running a successful business already, and you are interested in scaling through an upcoming launch or new marketing channels. These are the two use cases we are most helpful in. If you are launching a book, online course, crowdfunding campaign, product line, or new business if you are a serial entrepreneur already, we can provide some entrepreneurial gusto and subject matter expertise in getting you off the ground. If you're trying to create a more sustainable business, or looking to grow through untapped marketing channels you simply haven't explored yet, we can help you here too.

You have an ability to execute like crazy. During the VIP Day, we will provide you with an actionable step-by-step strategy you can use to grow your business, but after our day together, the work is up to you to complete. Can you execute? If so, everyone will walk away happy, and you'll get incredible results like most of our previous clients. 

You are like me and seek out high-integrity individuals in collaborators. I told you my story earlier, and I'm not looking to work with anyone who is a former white collar convict, screws over their customers, or doesn't like puppies. I'm guessing neither are you, and so hopefully you see how much we've gone into painstaking detail to be honest and upfront with you about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you. If it makes sense to work together, it'd be our pleasure to serve you. 

You are someone that other people love hanging out with. While you don't have to match the caliber of person we've worked with in the past, from Olympians to Rhodes Scholars, near-death survivors, members of the United States military, parents of special needs children, and entrepreneurs who "side hustle" by managing rock bands, you do have to be nice, honest, and cool enough to make it through 8-12 hours of work together. Honestly, if you're on this page, and you've read this far, you are probably an incredible human being with some awesome hobbies, quirks, and stories, and I'd love to hear them!
Hunter is the founder of Delight Consulting, a small team of passionate designers and developers who combine their exceptional service and innovative ideas to make amazing apps and websites for their clients.

Venture-backed startups, nonprofits, and even film festivals rely on Hunter and his team to connect their customers, show off their work in the nicest way possible, and create unique user experiences via web and mobile apps. 
Hunter is the founder of Delight Consulting, a small team of passionate designers and developers who combine their exceptional service and innovative ideas to make amazing apps and websites for their clients. Venture-backed startups, nonprofits, and even film festivals rely on Hunter and his team to connect their customers, show off their work in the nicest way possible, and create unique user experiences via web and mobile apps. 

When Hunter isn't leading his team, he's managing a band of childhood friends who are beginning to ride their wave to stardom. From international tours to press events like NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert series, Hunter is living life like, and with, actual rockstars. It's not all glamorous, but the recent success of his business is allowing him to take more time away from the office to focus on his friends and having fun. We've grabbed many beers together in the depths of hippy Brooklyn. 
When I followed up with Hunter about one month after our VIP Day, these were some of the messages he sent me....He'd already earned $30,000+ in new business in just one month after our day together, and hadn't even finished executing everything we'd strategized. 
Our "More Than Money Back" Guarantee
If You Invest In A VIP Day And Don't Feel Like You've Gotten Your Money's Worth, Not Only Will We Refund You 100%,  But We'll Also Write A $1000 Check To Your Favorite Charity
Hire us for a VIP Day, and if you don't see a clear path to utilizing the strategy we set together for a positive ROI from the experience, we insist that you not only get 100% of your initial investment back, but that we write a check to your charity of choice as a way to show you we respect your time and business. 

We will even absorb the credit card processing fees and refund any travel costs you covered in order to bring us to your city. 

Why do we offer this "more than money back" guarantee? 

Our business, since Day 1, has been built off working with highly regarded businesses and individuals. Our track record for getting results with our clients and helping them have a greater impact on the employees and consumers that rely on them is why we are able to continuously attract and retain high-profile individuals and companies as "VIP Day" alumni. It's also why I've personally been able to speak at conferences hosted by 8-time New York Times bestselling authors, billion dollar ad men, and even the United Nations. It's also a large part of why I've been able to publish two highly acclaimed books in a bestselling and award-winning series. 

And that's why I'm confident providing this guarantee work...

It's simple. We've made it as easy as possible for you to leverage our help in growing your business. Let us help you, and if after our VIP Day you're feeling underwhelmed, tell us and we will listen. Then, we will take care of you, and point you in the right direction, along with a large check in your name that you can hand to your favorite charity. 

Our goal is to help you use us as a sounding board for your business growth and amplification of your work to a wider audience of individuals and companies that will become healthier, wealthier, and/or wiser thanks to you. Considering that this "VIP Day" experience could help you generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue within the months following our all-day, in-person strategy session like some of our past clients, we believe this is a more-than-fair offer and guarantee. 

Honestly, I'd be shocked if you found anyone else confident enough in their ability to deliver REAL results, and I hope you try us out!
Bonnie Fahy, Founder of Ellan Media
"Before Jared, my business was growing steadily and was well-respected. However, after working working with Jared is when my sales figures really took off. It is also when 7 and 8 figure marketers started coming to me with words of admiration and encouragement, wondering what I had done differently than they had in order to market my services.”
Brian Smith, Founder of UGG Australia, Author of 
The Birth of a Brand
“Jared has opened doors for me that I didn't even know existed and he tirelessly secured speaking opportunities, online broadcasts, and nationally syndicated magazine exposure for the launch of my book."
Daniela Busse, Director, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships at Citi Ventures
"Jared shared his insights...with my research team back when I was Director and Design Futurist at Samsung's UX Innovations Lab...He is a master networker who is personable and generous, identifies opportunities, and connects the dots all around."
Here's How To Get Started...
If you're at the point where you are seriously considering this VIP Day experience, hopefully I've given you all the information you need to make an educated investment.

Historically, Kleinert Ventures has only worked with clients through three month minimum consulting arrangements where the upfront fees were tens of thousands of dollars to secure me and my team for our services. 

Only recently have we allowed clients to hire us for a one day experience, and we've already raised our prices four times. Given that my speaking fee is $15,000 right now to deliver a one hour keynote for major Fortune 500 corporations and maybe do some Q&A, and at our current rate we may continue raising the price of our VIP Day offer to balance the demand we've received, I think this is a steal. 

Given the other coaches, consultants, and service providers in the marketplace, and our transparency in how we operate, it's now up to you to determine if we are a good match for your current business needs. 

Honestly, any one of the dozen hours or so we spend together could result in you generating ten times the amount of money you'd invest in our VIP Day together. Sometimes, one idea or "hack" has gotten our clients 20x-30x their investment in the first month after our time together, and imagine how much more successful they will be after putting all of our strategy to the test. 

So, now it's up to you. If you still have questions about what this VIP Day experience would be like for you, get in touch and ask us anything that's on your mind. Otherwise, if all your questions are answered, it's your decision to make. 

Are you going to keep doing everything yourself, or perhaps even hand over hard-earned money to strangers who don't guarantee their work, haven't "been there, done that", and haven't even introduced themselves to you on any sort of personal level?

Or, are you going to leverage our connections, proven experience, and the "damns" we give about your success in order to make an increasingly positive impact in the lives of your family, team members, and customers who want you to win as much as we do?

Let me know! 
Currently $5997 + cost of roundtrip flight from Atlanta
For questions, email me personally at - All Rights Reserved
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