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Jared Kleinert is a TED speaker, award-winning author, and founder of Kleinert Ventures. We partner with #1 NYT bestselling authors, Fortune 500 executives, major keynote speakers, Emmy award-winning journalists, seven-figure business owners, VC-backed startup founders, and others who lead their industries and positively impact thousands of new people each week through their work. 
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ONE TIME OFFER: Change takes time, and sometimes the best way to hold yourself accountable to making best use of the strategy we set together is to schedule two VIP Days, and use the second in-person intensive to review our work together and continue strategizing your success. Many of our clients hire us for ongoing work, and so if you'd like to reserve two VIP Days with us and schedule them three months apart in order to get the most out of your experience with us, we will provide you with a one-time $1000 discount. Thanks again! :)

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